East Van Tiny Gallery
Open daily - as long as there is light


More Than Just a Little Art

The Venue

This tiny art gallery is in a little garden, on Parker near Kamloops in the heart of Hastings Sunrise in East Vancouver.

Drawing inspiration from the mini-libraries sprouting up in our neighbourhood, and missing conversations about art making, and spontaneous community conversations …the east van tiny art gallery is a great place to see new work, discuss what you see with your neighbours, and build community. Perhaps this little gallery will inspire others to build their own tiny galleries and be the first of many to come.

Our intention is to bring art lovers of all ages together to witness, discuss and delight in art and community. We hope that as you pass by, you take a moment to notice the work inside and stop to consider what it means to you.

Our mission is for artists to be inspired to create work designed specifically for this space. We look forward to exhibiting work from a range of mediums, which may include: paintings, sculpture, photography, collage etc. We welcome individual and group shows. Shows will be selected and scheduled based on submissions.

There will be a new exhibition each month, and we will strive to have an opening the first Saturday of each month, to coincide with First Saturdays Open Studio Day http://www.firstsaturday.ca/next-open-studios. Check IG: @eastvantinygallery, and the www.eastvantinygallery.com for more information and for updates.

Notes from...

Our Curator

Aside from the warmth of hugs, seeing dear family and friends, going to see theater, music, and galleries, perhaps what I have missed most is the conversation that springs up about art. I’ve had the chance to work on my own art practice, but I do miss the dialogue. So, I have built my own venue. Already artists have expressed interest in submitting work, and ideas abound.

The Gardener

What better collaboration than art and nature?  I designed this garden years ago with hand-me-down plants from neighbours and mosaics made with a community grant.  It’s beautiful and absolutely imperfect: the perfect venue for developing artists and community.

The Collaborator

Like inspiration and insight, I feel that collaboration happens “by accident”. It is through curiosity and an open mind that ideas come forth, wanting to be expressed and shared and given space to shine. It is in this way that I came to be a part of the East Van Mini Gallery project. Seanna and I have experienced a deepened respect, friendship and camaraderie together during this quarantine time of Covid – as next-door neighbours, seekers and fellow artists. Seanna’s natural enthusiasm for community, art, discussion and the noticing of big meanings in the everyday, engage and elevate me. Like the seeds that flowered in our relationship over the last year, I believe that Seanna’s tiny project will flourish in ways expected and that which we cannot possibly name yet. I am tickled to be a part of this tiny (huge) movement!

The Website:

None of this would be possible without our website and social media developer Robert Postma. By taking photos and rolling camera throughout the process he captured the magic. Now we can bring the wider community together to join us in the conversation. Who knows how big the www.eastvantinyartgallery.com can grow? How do our neighbourhood exhibitions and community intersect with other neighbourhoods and communities? Is this a tiny local movement, with a lot to share with the whole wide world? Thanks to Rob’s vision, this little idea could be a big one.