East Van Tiny Gallery
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The Nest

February 15, 2022

So delightful to enjoy this glorious day with the opening of “The Nest” by Mary Belcher @marybechler0.

Look at how beautiful it is in the sunshine! Thanks to Monty Warren @montgomerywarren_ for singing his wonderful tunes.

So wonderful to hear live music again, and feel and smell the warmth of spring in the air.

Thanks to @ginalouisemiller “The Collaborator” @robertpostmacreative and @laurie_kohl @bethanrstewart @lori_n_sandi for sharing the EVTG love balm.

Always lovely to see The @junehunterimages and @phillipditchburn over here.

The EVTG is open 24/ 7 or whenever there is light.

Come anytime and take a look. We are on Parker near Kamloops.

If you are interested in doing an exhibition, or performing at an Opening… submit today!


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