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December 4, 2021

Thanks to ‘Beata’ for ‘Calling All Angels’ to our EVTG opening of “Rhizome” our eyes were shining while you sang.

Thanks to the brilliant Crystal Bergman for pulling it all together. Your amazing energy grounds us and lifts us all up.

Thanks as always The Collaborator @ginalouisemiller she is always #here for this. Thanks to @robertpostmacreative for catching it all on camera.

Thanks to @marybechler0 for your inspiration and constant curiosity and love of art. You and Monty are next!

Thanks to @lori_n_sandi Sandra Fellner for always being right with us.

Thanks @junehunterimages June Hunter for coming and for always noticing the crows… Please check out Feral Kingdom if you want to know more about what we are talking about here. Or see Junes amazing photography.

So wonderful to see my dear friend Melina Aurerbach always fills my heart to see you.

Thanks for our poet laureate David Jordan @davidbryanjordan for coming all the way over here to the EVTG.

He always has a poem for us!

Thanks to Mike Renney for coming from across the way, honoured to have you with us today.

Thanks to friends of Beata: TJ and Kendall and Edmond for joining us .

Thanks to Mark who is always on his bike for coming today. It’s always lovely to see you my friend.

And at at the last moment Ki@wightski and Jeda flew in on ebikes , transported through a portal from the future.

This is the first time that Beata has performed in public since Covid, your beautiful music filled our hearts.

At the EVTG we build community and making art as acts of resistance and we find beauty in the everyday world.

We believe that tiny things matter. We love to make a big deal out of little things. Come on out to see the latest show on Parker near Kamloops.

The EVTG is open everyday, all day.


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