East Van Tiny Gallery
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Beauty and Goodness

October 29, 2021

Today we very quietly opened our October show at the East Van Tiny Gallery: Beauty and Goodness. You will have to come in person to Kamloops and Parker to this show. We’ve been busy at the gallery talking about art and art practice and painting up a storm while it storms. Urgency around climate change and social justice sharpens our conversations around ethics and aesthetics and the purpose of art making. What can be said and felt in art making cannot be said in words. Our many thanks this month to the conversations with artists in the EVTG office, and in their studios. We learned about Echo Park Mobile, the spectacular collections of Cornelia Oberlander, Outsiders and Others Art Gallery, Coast Salish artist Carey Newman, Phyllmida Barlow, Feral Kingdom and Crow Therapy, Will Kemp. Thank you for your contributions and inspiration: #dalynsart #marybechler0 #epfcfilmmobile #junehunterimages #morebetterbradley #carlajwolf and as always #ginalouisemiller This show took its time to come together and is about beauty and goodness, words and meaning. And how much we need art and community, collaboration and activism, especially in the darkest days.

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