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Phantom Limb

July 9, 2021

Artist: Seanna McPherson
12” x 12” x 4” collage, mixed media

This 3-Dimensional installation is about space how it can be experienced, imagined and remembered. I’ve spent many happy hours in galleries looking at art, in books, in public spaces, in huge crowds and all alone in rooms like this in this city and many others. At the opening, or anytime during the run… it is one of my favourite places to be. I’ve been missing this feeling like a phantom limb.

About the Artist: Seanna McPherson

I find drawing and painting soothing. Time disappears. It’s been a huge part of my life these last few years, a way to stay focussed and manage stress. I’m learning and feel inspired to keep learning and experimenting. The process is also teaching me patience, humility, how to get out of the way of the work and to let it happen.

I also took a weekly class (online) through Art Way Studio, met others and learned new mediums, and techniques.

I have become overrun with paintings and am giving them to friends and family to make room in my own head for new ideas. Plus it’s super fun to give paintings to people that you love.

In my work I recognize dreams, symbols from my past and present, but through the filter of imagination. Often later, I recognize a memory in reiterations of houses and barns and landscapes, doors and windows.

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