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The Work of Jacinda Oldale

August 9, 2021

East Van Tiny Gallery www.eastvantinygallery proudly presents the work of Jacinda Oldale @delectablejake Many thanks to Joyita Rubens for doing the Land Acknowledgement and naming the work we must do as allies.

Check out Carolyn Roberts for more on this – here.

In the wake of the horrific discovery of the 215 indigenous children’s bodies Indigenous educator Chastity Davis Alphonse reached out to Jacinda requesting a soul sister doll wearing an orange t shirt. From there this project to create 100 doll making kits & a musical evening Zoom cabaret came to life. It’s activism through art making that invites others to get their hearts & hands busy & make space for the conversation.

Folks have bought kits for themselves or as gifts to others. All the profits of the kits are donated to the orange short society. soulsisterevolution@Yahoo.com if you are interested in making your own doll or finding out more.



Delighted and so proud to see Jacinda’s ‘Soul Sister’ dolls getting recognition.

For several decades two have graced our trees at Christmas, not to mention homes in Ireland and the US.

Baja California

September 30, 2021
Brian McLoughlin

I sent an email Jake. Such a noble and important project.

September 30, 2021
cm in EastVan

Wow, what a beautiful idea that can make a place for all the unspeakable things we feel in the light of the horror. Thank you!

February 5, 2022

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